Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 Feb 2021

Please be aware that we may use "terms", or "this" to refer to our terms and conditions, and in our application, "we, our" and "us" refers to Ommogi.com, furthermore, these are directed towards our customers and site visitors, used in information and many sentences throughout the website.


If you have a concern with our part of this privacy policy or if there is an issue, please e-mail us, our contact information can be found here

The information on our terms and conditions is used to inform our site visitors and customers of our intentions, when collecting information, and how we expect our services to be used. We take careful concern for the accuracy for this information and therefore is up to date, however some information may be inaccurate, please report any inaccuracy or issues of our website to the necessary contacts.

Our e-mail is team@ommogi.com

Terms of Service

Our term of service is to provide graphic and photographic services to our customers, requesting a quote is free-of-charge, therefore we don't ask for an initial fee, however subject to a quote, this is likely to change and we will produce a product, which we will charge for. 

We aim to provide everyone with our photographic and design services, however current travel restrictions still apply, to photographic services, please contact us for more information. 


Contact Us

We encourage you to contact us and we respect your concerns and requests, we will provide you with a conventional solution and will help you the best we can. If you are not able to contact us with our e-mail, please acquire our help with our social media


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